Integration with Existing Software

iGrow includes a standard API enabling the application to communicate with existing software. The concept is that the application will work as a ‘plug in’ to your existing child health system passing previously recorded information to iGrow to facilitate plotting and growth chart display. This functionality eliminates the need to enter patient details twice as the essential information to enable plotting of the growth charts is simply passed through the API and a plotted chart returned for review.

Network Access

The network system provides the full functionality needed to plot and monitor child growth. Access for all authorised users enables the growth to be reviewed instantly potentially reducing incorrect referrals. Data may be imported or exported, if you have existing records in a suitable format they can be imported into iGrow eliminating the need to re-input existing data. The system also includes export functionality enabling further analysis in external packages such as Excel.

Plotting and Auditing

One of the benefits of electronic growth charts is the reduction in incorrect plotting due to human error. Whatever measure is input you can be sure it will be plotted correctly. If measures are input incorrectly then these may be deleted and re-input. The audit trail however records every measure and every update and may not be altered or deleted.

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